For what's next

Building the next
generation of software

Fortune favours
the brave

Got an idea for a software platform that’s never been done before? Want a product you can scale to a million users? We love bold ideas and solving complex challenges. Specialising in start-ups, established enterprises, and anyone with a grand digital concept, we design and develop brilliant software solutions for businesses that dare to be different.

Build fast,
iterate often

Giving your idea the attention it deserves, every software story begins with a Design Sprint– an accelerated, interactive design process that leverages the five key pillars (understand, ideate, solve, prototype, validate) needed to take your software idea from inception to completion.

More than code
Ideation to MVP
A feedback loop that genuinely works
Custom Designed
Differentiation for competitive edge
Fluent coding in every language
Local servers and local service
Mobile Responsive
Perfectly built for a mobile world
Portal Development
Integrate, connect, and collaborate
CMS Development
Manage your content with simplicity
Modern security integrated with core applications

we’ve built

In recent times, we’ve built PropertyMate (an innovative disrupter for the real estate industry), FLOHH (a powerful education tool revolutionising teacher marking process), and EFL (an education mobile App used in over 10,000 UK schools). The common theme?

Identifying human problems and solving them with digital solutions.

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