A memorable

What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Imagery
  • Tone of Voice
  • Copywriting


A luxe brand with strong ethos and a visually enticing website to beckon the senses

Lose yourself amongst nature’s finest

Inspired by the lush, vibrant landscapes of the Macedon Ranges where Rimba Retreat rests, textural rich visuals, a warm narrative, and subtle movement invite the consumer to align with the intimate brand story.

A memorable experience awaits

Leveraging the client’s diverse heritage, the brands namesake ‘Rimba’ is derived from the Malay word ‘forest’.
Sketched by the client and brought to life by our designers, the logo – symbolic of the woodlands embracing the property – adopts earthy, forest tones.

Relax | Rejuvenate | Reignite

Capturing the hearts and wallets of adventure seekers, a strong brand strategy and seamless digital elements create the memorable user experience required to attract consumers in a saturated tourism market.

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