A portal to
another world

What We Did

  • Design Sprint to MVP to Software Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Portal Development


An artfully redesigned disability App thriving on iOS and Android across 10,000 schools

The value of knowledge

The premise was exceptional – a digital tool enabling educators and carers to better understand the learning strengths and difficulties of children with disabilities. Yet the Android App already developed was playing second-fiddle to its powerful purpose. A total redesign, rebuild, and recode was the only answer to enable the program to flawlessly roll between iOS and Android.

Sensory simplicity

Developed in-line with existing UI, the modernised design honoured simplicity whilst respecting the sensory sensitivities of children. Adopting an enticing and customisable colour palette was important for individual user experience, as was clear iconography.

A portal to another world

The interface and portal developed is a powerful matrix of learning tools, national framework, rating scales, linking ability, assessment parameters, and mapping technology capable of improving the learning outcomes of children worldwide.

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