Why having brand consistency is essential

2 years ago, By Two Dam Creative

A brand is many things. It is often the public’s impression of your business and it’s reputation. A brand is often attached to every aspect of your outward identity. Your brand is an expectation and a value proposition to the world.


With that said, it is vital that your brand remains both consistent and easily recognisable in a noisy digital world. Many businesses underestimate the importance of brand consistency across their many platforms which often impacts on their global success.
So why is having brand consistency so important?


1. A brand creates confidence in your business.


If we imagine a brand was a person that we were looking to hire, consider the attributes that we would seek from them – trust, familiarity between them and our customers, projects certainty in what they need to do.


People move to the businesses they identify the most. A consistent brand is reassurance of a businesses legitimacy in their field.


2. A strong and consistent brand solidifies your message.


A brand stands for something – the values of the business, the quality of the goods or services you are selling and the way in which we communicate this greatly impacts on the way consumers identify your business.


3. A brand encourages loyalty.


When people know who you are and what they are going to get from a business, they not only return themselves but are likely to recommend you to others. If our customers are profoundly influenced by a solid reputation, it is often prefaced by having consistent branding.


Understanding why all your marketing materials should feature the same logo, slogans, fonts and color scheme is just an important step in building an established and dependable global brand. Without this you loose public recognition and eventual your audience.


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