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Our Process

1. Ideas & Research.

Our process starts with you. That’s right: you. Your ideas, your marketing objectives, your organisation, your clients and your aspirations. We’ll take the time to digest all of this, metabolise it and convert it into creative energy that will form the foundations of the project that lies ahead.

2. Site Plan & Wireframe.

Now that we’ve absorbed everything that we need about your project, it’s time for us to turn that vision into a set of wireframes that paint a picture of the basic structure and flow of an app or website, much like the blueprint of a building. .

3. Design.

Armed with a complete set of wireframes, our designers will start filling in the gaps with colour, form and movement. Every pixel is exquisitely crafted to deliver a visual feast for the eyes while guiding the user on a smooth, intuitive journey that leaves them raving about the experience.

4. Development.

Once you’ve approved the designs, it’s time for our developers to get their hands dirty with the heavy lifting. The next few weeks will be a blizzard of ones and zeros as the really smart people with questionable social skills bring the cool people’s vision to life. If you can dream it, it’s possible in the digital world, and our development team will make it happen.

5. Testing & Product Delivery.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving, and we won’t deliver a website or app until we’ve put it thoroughly through its paces. Every button, link, transition and function will receive the kind of scrutiny ordinarily reserved North Korean defectors as we indulge our pursuit of perfection.