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Website Design & Brand Development

Before we commence any digital activity, we look at your business from an integrated marketing perspective. We also spend time finding out who you are, who needs to know who you are and why they should care about who you are.

This research enables us to create a face for your business that we can then connect digitally to a wider audience.

Brand Development

A brand is not just a name or an image; but the entire perception of what your company, product or service stands for.

We take a hands-on approach to understanding who you are and what you stand for so we can help you communicate effectively to your audience or market.

From positioning, visual identity, message and tone, brand architecture right through to developing brand guidelines, we can create a coherent and consistent visual identity to lay the foundations for you as a professional brand.

Website Design

We really do make great websites and we love making them.

It all starts with a plan. And the plan always aims for a functional, user friendly and beautiful website. Every page and template is hand crafted by our team to ensure each pixel is perfect.

With contemporary design, we will construct your website to ensure that all the technical elements such as search engine optimisation, hosting and support, site analytics, the use of best practice principles and engineering to ensure interactivity is optimum.

From website concept, design and development, to online marketing and eCommerce, 2 Dam Creative will help you with our tried and tested creative process to get it right. And when that’s done, we will continue to nurture your digital profile to support your ongoing success.

Our Process
Ideas, Research, Site plan and Wireframe

The first step is to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements in more detail. This can be over a conference call or face-to-face.

This is an opportunity to define technical requirements, produce a site plan and wireframe based on our findings and discussions with you.


From here, we can start the design process. We’ll support you with copy, imagery and user-behaviour throughout this process.

Following the wireframe, we will design the home screen prototype.

Once finalised we will design the rest of the page functionalities, and then move onto the product development phase.


The development stage timelines will depend on the size of the product, the requested features and the final agreed scope.

This is the part of the project where all of the designed screens are coded to ensure excellent user experience and an app that works seamlessly.

Testing and Product Delivery

It may look done, but your app is bound to have little bugs and issues at this point.

This is why we dedicate that extra time to test your app on all recent devices in different situations so that your customer’s user experience is pain-free.

We will also submit your app to the app stores using supplied information.

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