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Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media has changed the way we use the Internet.

And your online digital strategy should not stop with your website. Your marketing and communication efforts will increase the awareness of your business, service or product when you harness the power of social media.

We understand that many of our clients are time poor or lack the expertise to create content, as well as deliver it regularly. That is where we can help.

Our team has a track record of authentic social engagement that has built audiences, created innovated social campaigns and converted leads into sales for our clients.


We can help you with:

  • Social Media Strategy Development;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Conversation Monitoring and Engagement;
  • Social Media Content Production;
  • Management of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +;
  • Multi-Channel Social Media Pollinations;
  • Email and Newsletter Campaigns; and
  • Blog articles.

In short, we will find your audience and we will effectively communicate with them.

Our Process
Ideas, Research, Site plan and Wireframe

The first step is to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements in more detail. This can be over a conference call or face-to-face.

This is an opportunity to define technical requirements, produce a site plan and wireframe based on our findings and discussions with you.


From here, we can start the design process. We’ll support you with copy, imagery and user-behaviour throughout this process.

Following the wireframe, we will design the home screen prototype.

Once finalised we will design the rest of the page functionalities, and then move onto the product development phase.


The development stage timelines will depend on the size of the product, the requested features and the final agreed scope.

This is the part of the project where all of the designed screens are coded to ensure excellent user experience and an app that works seamlessly.

Testing and Product Delivery

It may look done, but your app is bound to have little bugs and issues at this point.

This is why we dedicate that extra time to test your app on all recent devices in different situations so that your customer’s user experience is pain-free.

We will also submit your app to the app stores using supplied information.

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