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<div class=’des_sub_con’>Were a rare breed were creatives who are also extra nerdy. And thats a good thing, because our combined tech and designs skills means we can offer our web development services to create sites that look great and work brilliantly, too.</div>
<div class=’des_sub_title’>HOW WE DO WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT </div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>We believe every brilliant idea needs a technically perfect delivery. We’re highly skilled at devising digital solutions to commercial problems and were focussed on designing and building websites with your end user in mind. Well consult with you throughout your project to make sure your investment brings real results whether that means increased traffic, more sales or more clients.</div>
<div class=’des_sub_title’>OUR PROCESS</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>Were highly process driven and are equally happy working with agile scrum or waterfall methods. We can also scale our designs to meet your exact needs our web projects range in price from $7,000 upwards. </div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>We pride ourselves on creating websites that deliver tangible results, so user-experience and technical development are just as important to us as styling or typography.Depending on your budget and the complexity of your project, we can deliver our Melbourne web development services in:</div>
<div class=’des_sub_title’>WordPress</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>An online, open source website development tool written in PHP, this is probably the easiest and most powerful website content management system (or CMS) available. We can design your website from scratch, develop your site in html & CSS and add any of the thousands of WordPress plugins available to web developers. You can also begin with a WordPress template to speed up the process and reduce costs. However, this does limit the look and feel of your site to the available templates. Templates are a cheaper option and we can tweak, change and add images and text to any theme during website development</div>
<div class=’des_sub_title’>Adobe Muse</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>Great for smaller, brochure-style sites, Adobe Muse software allows us to develop your website using WYSIWYG interface, negating the need for code. Please note, there are some restrictions with this software, so well need to speak with you further to ensure it meets your needs.</div>
<div class=’des_sub_title’>Hand-code from scratch</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>This is the most popular method for building websites as it lets you include any feature your site requires. It also makes it easier to add additional features and pages at a later date.</div>
<div class=’des_sub_title’>Management & Hosting</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’>We can also host and manage your website once your site is live.</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’ id=’last_pre’>Looking for website development in Melbourne, Bendigo or Beyond?</div>
<div class=’des_sub_con’ id=’last’>Lets talk more! Email us at [email protected] now.</div>

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