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We think you're

pretty special

What does being a

prime member mean?


If you’ve clicked through to this page from a link in an email, congratulations, you’re one of our favourite customers!

A Prime customer is a business that uses our hosting services and is on one of our top two maintenance plans. This gives you a bunch of benefits that are explained below.

Welcome to our club… hope you’re feeling special!

How do I get

25% off my maintenance?


If you renew your maintenance plan before 27 March for 12 months, you get a whopping 25% off the annual fee.

Just click the link below to sign up and see how much you can save!

How does

priority service work?


You know when you’ve just finished shopping at the supermarket and you look at the long line at the checkout and wish you could jump to the front?

Well, as a prime member at 2 Dam Creative, now you can (well, you can with us, don’t try it at the supermarket!)

Just call us on 1300 720 705, or email us and lodge a support ticket and your job jumps to the front!


What’s in the

new reports?


The new reports are pretty fancy… you will be sent a report each month that will show you how well your site is performing, your latest SEO scores, what we’ve fixed and updated, how secure your site is, how often its been backed up and our recommendations for the next month.