One Experience to Unite Them All – Integrated Digital Experience to Improve Customer Engagement

Two Dam Creative

“One does not simply walk into Mordor…”



And, one does not simply achieve online marketing success by throwing up a website and waiting for clients to arrive and turn over their hard earned cash.


Today’s online consumer is sophisticated, connected and spoiled for choice. This is great news for businesses that want to reach an audience that would have been unthinkable just a decade or two ago. However, beware my dear halflings! The internet has levelled the playing field for everyone else as well! This means that the competition is fiercer than could ever have been imagined. So, what is the secret to carving out success in the online world?


One Strategy to Rule Them All and In The Ether Bind Them


With few exceptions, almost all businesses face difficult challenge in determining how to apply a finite budget across numerous digital marketing options? Deciding which strategy is right for your organisation can be a tricky business. Paid search? Organic SEO? Social? Mobile? Your business needs to get the most out of your investment and the stakes are extremely high.


Perhaps, however, the answer is not about choosing between strategies. Our experience in the online world is that streamlining your strategy across all forms of digital media is the best way to improve customer engagement. Whatever size your business, you are most likely reaching existing and potential consumers through multiple means. A 2014 survey found that over 50% of medium to large-sized firms where supporting 12 or more distinct touchpoints. The evidence is clear that focusing on one, or a small number of strategies is less effective than ensuring that whatever strategies you do choose to pursue are unified and consistent across the board.


All We Have To Decide is What To Do With the Online Tools Given Us


This is not to say that thought should not be given to which form of digital marketing you choose. Some businesses lend themselves better to PPC, others will find that the world of Social Media is their happiest hunting ground. Many agonise over whether to move to e-commerce or draw consumers into their stores with engaging content and branding.


The reality is that the traditional either-or thinking looks like it has become outdated. The reason for this is that nimble consumers are so adept at switching between various media that the lines between them are growing ever blurrier. Furthermore, the interconnectedness between various digital media themselves makes it essential to ensure that the user is receiving a seamless experience across each of them.


How does this work in practice? It’s wonderful to have a swag of Facebook likers or Instagram followers, but what happens when they click through to your website? Are they getting the same engaging content and consistent brand messaging? Once a web user has been enticed with appealing PPC ad copy and clicked through, do they arrive at a landing page that is giving them the relevant information that they wanted to see? Can an engaged audience download an app that puts your business in their pocket and delivers the same or better experience and content that they can access through their laptop?


However, this leaves us back with the initial problem that we started with: how can a business with a finite marketing budget possibly afford execute a digital strategy across multiple platforms?


Even the Smallest Business Can Change the Course of the Future


The answer is simple: Know your clientele and give them what they want in a consistent format irrespective of how many touchpoints you provide for them. This is the key to the integrated digital experience. You can spend thousands on a social media manager that will post adorable memes of smiling cats and chipmunks, but will that win you new customers? On the other hand, you could write an informative, entertaining and engaging blog, share it via your social media channels to draw visitors to your website and deftly guide them through to your e-commerce site. You can build a powerful app that engages your target audience meaningfully, on a personal level.You could set up a well-designed PPC landing page that encourages visitors to download your app. None of this needs to cost the earth. All of these things can be done tastefully, consistently and effectively.


The team at 2 Dam Creative have decades of cumulative experience working with clients to achieve their online objectives. Our portfolio includes organisations large and small with budgets on a spectrum to match. Many of our clients are taking their first plunge into the world of digital. It is one of our greatest pleasures to work with clients such as these see their small ideas grow into great success. We’d love to speak with you about how we can do the same with yours.



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