My WordPress site won’t get hacked… will it?

Two Dam Creative

You’ve built a great business – and you’re busy! So busy that you can’t keep up with all your emails and to do lists. So you’ve missed a few emails and alerts about upgrading your WordPress website. Who has the time to keep up with all these tech things, am I right? Besides, why would a hacker even bother with your website, out of all the sites in the world. Surely there are bigger sites -bigger businesses- that hackers would rather spend their time on… right? Right?


Wrong. The thing with hackers is that the majority of them aren’t the types of hackers we see on tv or on movies, plugging away for months to get at highly secure government websites. Most hackers want to strike as many websites as possible, in as short a period of time as possible. WordPress sites are a perfect target because the platform is so popular. Hackers are looking to quickly gain access to as much data as possible – including your mailing lists and client credit card information. Sometimes they just want to use your website to send out spam email or to download malicious software onto your clients or staff members devices. Hackers can also redirect visitors from your site to other websites that generate affiliate income for them. At times, hackers just want to use your site to show off to their friends – It really is that simple.


Meanwhile, the effect on you, your business and your end user can be catastrophic. Your site is shut down and traffic that you’ve worked so hard to get immediately drops, not to mention the trust you’ve earned from your clients and users.


The reason why hackers don’t discriminate as to the types of sites that they attack is because they mostly go after sites on the basis of opportunity. The more sites they can hack in as short a period of time, the better. In fact, most hacking attacks are automated, so genuinely, the size of your business and the function of your site do not affect the level of risk you are exposed to.


So how do you increase your WordPress site security? There are many ways to do this – one of the easiest is to keep your site updated to the latest version. You should also use strong passwords for all entry points with special characters that are more difficult to crack. Securely store these internally within your business to avoid any accidental leaks. As for the usual ‘admin’ username, we recommend you ditch this – and opt for something less likely to be guessed – make it harder for the hackers to trace all this important information. Make them work hard and they are more likely to stop trying and move on to an easier target.


2 Dam Creative clients on Service Agreements have their sites automatically updated whenever a WordPress update is made available. We also offer these services to clients who are not on a Service Agreement, however you do need to authorise us to do this on your behalf. Alternatively, there are other professionals who offer these services – and we do recommend you refer this task to a professional and do not just click on any ‘update now’ options as this can lead to plugins and areas on your site to break.
Unfortunately, even if you are on top of all the updates and security measures for your WordPress site, this does not guarantee that you won’t get hacked – but it does reduce the chances. Remember that most hackers are looking to gain access to as many sites as possible with as little effort as possible, so make sure you put some work into making it tougher to hack your site. If you need help with it, please contact 2 Dam Creative or another professional to help guide you. The time you put in to securing your WordPress site is definitely worth it.

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