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We think you're

pretty special

What is this Maintenance

Package you speak of?

I hope you know we’re always here for you. Your website is already hosted by us (great choice!), but if your website slips on a banana peel, then we’re here to break its fall. But wouldn’t it be nice not to slip at all?

That’s why having a Maintenance Package is so sweet, because prevention is better than cure.

A Maintenance Package ensures all those pesky website distractions (like updates and security and back-ups and reports) are taken care of by us, for absolute peace of mind.

It’s cost effective and a smarter way to keep your website in peak condition.

Tell me about

the perks

You know when you jump on a website and it doesn’t load properly, or something on the site is broken, or (worst still) the website just doesn’t work at all? Pretty annoying, hey?

Well, regular maintenance is about as close to nirvana as you can get in the website world. Essentially, it means your website keeps up with the Joneses – running at turbo speed, staying on top of the tech stuff, and keeping those troublesome hackers at bay.

We’ve got a little

something for you


We’re so sure you’ll love all the perks of our 2DC Membership Package that we’re going to give you a 25% discount if you sign up for an annual bundle before 27th March. You c an also still take the monthly subscription

Don’t just take our word for it – bundle that baby up for some super sweet rewards.


Any cherries

on the cake?


Of course! We’ve got a cherry orchard out the back that I just know you want to pick!. With our Maintenance Packages, there are fancy reports, SEO updates, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of security, bonus time with our developers and designers, oh… and did we mention you can get priority service?

Cue jumping never felt so good.