Engaging Developments – How App Developers Can Build-In Ongoing Value For Their Clients

Two Dam Creative

With thousands of new apps entering the market every week and many of these costing tens of thousands to dollars to develop, this number should come as no great surprise. It is common knowledge that mobile is the platform of choice for all things digital. In order to harness the power of this wave, smart organisations are turning to apps in order to establish a sustained presence on their target audience’s devices.

If You Build It…

Such a sizeable and rapidly expanding market has understandably caught the attention of the developer community. App developers are popping up everywhere and many established agencies are adding the skill to their repertoires. Standing out from this crowd requires developers to look for ways to add value to their product offering and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The Buck Needn’t Stop Here

With so much at stake, creative flair and development proficiency are not enough to ensure the ongoing success of an app. Anyone who has spent time in the industry will certainly be able to regale you with stories of beautifully designed, perfectly constructed apps that ended in miserable commercial failure because the underlying concept just was not that great. Even when an idea does have traction, the modern marketplace evolves incredibly rapidly and technology needs to keep up or soon become stale and obsolete.

Maximise Customer Engagement

The key lies in ensuring that your app continues to evolve with your consumer’s mindset. That’s why we developed Appee. Our HTML5 plug-in allows app owners to collect critical information directly from users within the app itself.

It’s seamless and minimises interruption to the user experience. Campaign set up can be completed in minutes and with 12 pre-set question formats, getting the right formula is fast and simple. Whether you’re gathering contact information, measuring customer satisfaction, performing user-experience testing or obtaining feedback on proposed design changes, Appee has the versatility and flexibility to fit into any business’ mobile app marketing plans. App users simply tap the glowing blue arrow to access the survey questions. The responses can be viewed and analysed in real time by the app owner with Appee’s simple, intuitive dashboard.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For app developers, Appee offers a perfect opportunity to add value to the solutions that they provide for clients. Forward-thinking agencies such as 2 Dam Creative, based in Melbourne, Australia, are building Appee in as a standard feature in every app that they create. Lead Developer Patrick Martinent feels that it is an essential part of their product offering: “With client’s spending up to $500,000 on developing an app, building in a product like Appee that will help keep their finger on the pulse of their users for as little as $79/month is really a no-brainer.On average, our clients receive about 80% response rate for the questions that they push out through their apps. They use this data to make critical decisions about future product development.”


Making Dollars and Sense

We work together with our agency partners to identify the right model to ensure that building Appee into apps benefits everyone. We would love to speak with you further and explore how we can work together to ensure a better quality outcome for your clients. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s see how we can make everyone Appee!

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