Do you want Google to love you?

Two Dam Creative

Most businesses know that bathing in the light of first page on Google is a really good thing for their business.


So how do we get there? Here are some good SEO things to know.


Step 1: High quality content not SEO tricks

Google is much smarter than we give it credit for and knows how to outsmart the cheaters. That means high quality website and blog content that is keyword optimised is what will get you winning on rankings. Thinking about what is helpful and educational to your audience as opposed to tricking them to visit your website.


Step 2: High quality back links

Google likes back links. That is, links to your websites from external sites. What Google doesn’t like is fake backlinks from back link farms. Backlink farms are where you have backlinks to sites that have no relevance to your business.

How how do I get high quality backlinks? Some of the best ways are

a) by issuing regular press releases
b) blogging on trusted third party websites
c) getting your website listed on relevant directories and industry portals


Step 3: Keyword optimizing

Help Google find you! Think about the keywords and phrases that your customers would be using to find information or educate themselves on your business. What you are aiming for is high searches per month and low competition. You want keywords in titles, your URL and copy.


A little bit of effort can make Google a big fan of your website

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