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Do you really know your app users?

6 December 2017

You might look at your app analytics and see thousands of downloads every day and think that you’re doing really well, right? But the truth of the matter is that many apps have a poor retention rate. The average app loses 77% of its daily mobile users (DMU) in the first three days.

According to Andrew Chen, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and writer, the average app loses 90% of its DAUs within 30 days of initial install, with 95% of users rejecting it outright after 90 days. Of these retained customers, only a small proportion will continue on to be active and engaged users of your app. The truth is that just releasing an app to the general public is no longer the benchmark for success. The number of downloads and installs tell us very little about the condition of an app or more importantly, why people might be disengaged from it.

So how do we solve this problem?

By understanding your users pain points, you will gain valuable insights in to their behavior and can then create tangible solutions to support ongoing app engagement. (i.e. enabling the Build-Measure-Learn loop) In-app HTML pluggins such as appee provide app owners the opportunity to connect with their users in real-time and ask specific questions about their app or products. Use of products like appee allows businesses to shape their product with the collective help of its users making for a more dynamic, agile business.

Dan Jayne, Mobile Product Manager from Cricket Australia believes that they have found great value of in-app surveys such as appee “It gave us a way of getting insight into what a customer wants simply and quickly without having to spend time and money on user testing” he says.

These efficiency gains have helped businesses identify trends and problems so they can focus on what will really adds value to their users and save thousands of dollars in development wastage. (Value v’s Waste) So before you try and solve the problem of why you are losing engagement, you probably need to ask your users the right question.