Design conversion is vital to your website – here’s why

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Before I spruik the benefits of conversion to you, let’s go back a step and consider what conversion actually means. Good conversions are achieved by getting your website visitors to do what you want them to do – for example, to send you an enquiry, to sign up to a newsletter, pick up the phone and call you or to purchase a product or service – so it’s easy to see the crucial role that a website conversion plays  to the success of your online strategy.



If you have a good, converting website, you will have a better understanding of your target audience and your website users. Your website is immediately legitimised and your brand perception improved. Your ranking on Google search engines also improves which can positively affect your SEO.


Here are some hints and tips to help increase your design conversion:

  • Less is more: simplify your navigation and control where you want your users to go.
  • Optimise your images: slow-loading images are frustrating for your site visitors. Keep your site light and make sure your content loads in seconds.
  • Get to the point: Follow the KISS rule (Keep it simple, stupid!) If you don’t catch the users’ attention in the first five seconds, they are likely going to lose interest.
  • Colours: Yes, complement your brand but also bring in subtle contrast on your buttons and other sales-focused areas, to entice your users to click.
  • Know your audience: Ask your customers and website users for their feedback, use feedback tools to find out more about what they want to see so you can start delivering it!


Need more help? At 2 Dam Creative, we have designers who are trained in this area to not only help make your website convert, but maintain a beautiful design aesthetic in User Interface and User Experience. We get to know your business and understand your audience requirements, delivering the most effective and creative solutions for you. Get in touch on [email protected]

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