Bringing fun into User Experience

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It would appear to be a no-brainer – Incorporating more fun into an app equates to a better user experience which translates to improved retention.

As technology becomes more pervasive into our everyday lives, competing with interactive, well designed apps is important and engaging with and aligning users to your brands is essential.

So, what methods can developers and businesses employ to make their users experience a more fun and rewarding one?  Also, what are the benefits of integrating a user friendly, fun and informative mobile app marketing feature into your product?

 Gratification through Gamification

Consider 23% of app users abandon the app after one use, the importance of engaging swiftly and meaningfully with your users is imperative.

To this end, Gamification has become an all encompassing byword for increasing user gratification through a rewards based system or competitions using multi-level game playing or similar, in a non-game context.

This interactive tool which enables users to compete and interact with other users and share their successes through social media sites, is a powerful marketing tool designed specifically to encourage alignment and recognition with a hosts products or services.

The persuasive and motivational aspects of Gamification success, relies on thoughtful design techniques. This is especially true for Gen Y where instant gratification has become the norm.

Some considerations which need to be included in the design stage, are:

  • Designing a pleasurable and fulfilling experience with immediate gratification
  • Competition based, interactive participation which encourages engagement and sharing
  • Include rewards such as giveaways and discounts for registering with or sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Integrate shareable content – one of the most valuable and powerful branding tools at your disposal
  • Gamify surveys using graphical interfaces

Feedback flow

Including such technology can be complicated and costly, which means that streamlining your design to complement your product and user demographic is imperative.

Modifying and adapting your app to suit your audience using structural or contextual data, enables you to read and respond to feedback quickly.  Streamlining the interface between you and the user enables you to seamlessly incorporate surveys into your user’s experience whilst eliciting compelling feedback in real time.

Diving platform

When creating and developing an app specifically for iOS, include features which will enhance the functionality and increase brand visibility, such as:

  • Facetime
  • Maps
  • iMessaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Camera
  • Social Media Sites

Learning your lesson

Incorporating gamification into learning based systems has been proven to increase long-term retention rates of information – by up to 10 times! These quantifiable results are having a direct influence on parents, who recognise the benefits to their child’s knowledge retention over traditional learning platforms.

Multi-level based learning games are instilling children with a sense of achievement and enhancing their education experience.

No matter what your product or service may be, Appee can provide you with the insights to increase app traffic by enhancing your user’s experience.

Why not give us a call today or visit our website to find out how Appee’s tailored surveys can assist you in transforming your app into one of 2017’s hottest downloads!

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