App Engagement – The 10 Apps With the best User Experience in 2016, Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of our series that details our selection of some of the best UX apps and upgrades of the year just past. No alternative facts here, just our thoughts on who got user experience and user engagement right in 2016. If you’re joining us in the middle, you can read our first instalment here. Let’s continue, shall we?


I’ve yet to come across a recipe app as good as Paprika. It has always been a wonderful way to store, share and follow recipes and a mainstay of my culinary dabblings. Unfortunately, it has long been plagued with problems uploading recipes from certain websites. This significant weakness has been a constant source of frustration that detracted from what is otherwise a powerful tool. The great news is that after numerous incremental improvements, they finally appear to have hit the jackpot. The long-awaited integration of a quality natural language processing engine has eliminated the problem altogether, making the experience seamless. It looks like numerous new features are currently under development and due for arrival with version 3.0 sometime in 2017, so we’re seriously looking forward to that at our place.



Having spent considerable time in the USA, I have a deep, dark secret to admit… I am a massive NPR fan America’s public broadcaster was a constant companion for me, keeping me informed and entertained. I am perfectly aware that this seals my fate as an outed dork, however, I have missed the sound of Ira Glass’ nerdy voice weaving fascinating stories through the airwaves and Terry Gross interrogating people until they cry. NPR made even Garrison Keilor’s otherwise insufferable crooning seem mildly sufferable. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that NPR released an app that allows me to listen to my favourite spots at any time. They’ve made it incredibly simple to find and listen to previous segments and podcasts. However, the greatest feature is that the app is fully customizable so that it can learn your preferences over time and deliver a stream of all the programs and topics that you want to hear. It kind of like Pandora for public radio!


Pokemon Go

We simply couldn’t leave this one out. It seems like an age ago that it burst on the scene, caused three-quarters of the world to go briefly and utterly insane chasing illusionary monsters, before disappearing like a ninja, leaving us all wondering what exactly just happened. By making augmented reality fun and accessible, people just went nuts over the new experience. As we all know, numerous functional issues, not to mention the complete absence of a viable business model ensured that Pokemon Go was here for a good time, not a long time. Nevertheless, for sheer impact on the globe, however brief, no review of apps in 2016 could possibly be complete without it.


That’s all we have time for today, folks. Stay tuned for the next instalment, coming soon!

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